Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ha'aretz Reaches New Lows

Even by Ha'aretz's "Israel Can Do No Right" standards, this is a new record, though don't you worry, they will find a way to surpass even this record as well. Here's Ha'aretz Shai Golden tweeting about the Fogel family massacre at Itamar:

"Sex, like settlement, is a violent and intrusive act. It’s a matter of Jews having sex with the earth and discovering in it beauty and holiness. When it comes to both sex and settlers, people are necessarily deviant.”

Martin Peretz, who refers to most of Ha'aretz's writers as "intellectual psychopaths", also rails against Ha'aretz and its coverage of the Itamar massacre.

While David Remnick practically drools over Ha'aretz in this The New Yorker piece, he does provide a few intermittent quotes as to how Ha'aretz is so completely cut off from most of Israeli society:

"During the second intifada, Amnon Dankner, who had once worked for Haaretz and now edited Maariv, wrote of his former paper, “Is it wrong to ask of reporters in a country that is in the midst of a difficult war to show a little more empathy for their people and their country?” Ben-Dror Yemeni, the editor of Maarivs opinion page, called (Ha'aretz columnist Gideon) Levy one of the “propagandists for Hamas.” And a popular novelist, Irit Linur, wrote an open letter to the paper, saying, “Haaretz has reached the point where its anti-Zionism has become stupid and evil.” She went on, “I have reached the conclusion that you and I don’t live in the same place. A large and growing proportion of the reports and articles in your newspaper stink of the foreign press, which regards the State of Israel as a different, distant, and repulsive territory.”"

"The paper’s managing editor, Yoel Esteron, wrote an editorial that defended Israel’s decision to act forcefully against terror; Amos Schocken disagreed. “Amos was advocating a far-left approach, an extreme-left approach to the Palestinian problem and many other issues,” Esteron told me."

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